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The Role of Collagen in Advancing Immune Health

Immunity has become one of the fastest growing health positionings and it is here to stay.

Each stage of the body’s immune response relies on the presence of several micronutrients, hence the well-recognised role of many vitamins and minerals. Protein is also critical, because most processes involved in the immune response also require protein and amino acids for the growth and function of immune cells.

The focus on Bioactive Collagen Peptides® for immune health results from a growing body of evidence suggesting a role for collagen-rich tissues in supporting a well-functioning immune system.


IMMUPEPT™ for Advancing Immune Health

IMMUPEPT: contains selected Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to stimulate the collagen-rich connective tissues that play a role in supporting a well-functioning immune system.

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The Product Information will explore:

  • Inflammatory response: IMMUPEPT™ shows potential to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines
  • Tissue damage: IMMUPEPT™ shows potential to reduce matrix degenerative enzymes
  • Oxidative stress: IMMUPEPT™ shows potential to reduce Reactive Oxygen Species (free radicals)


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